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Agents Search FAQ

How does Agents Search work?

We utilise past home transactions as well as publicly available listings data to surface active agents in specific neighbourhoods in Singapore. By doing so, we hope to empower home owners or seekers with more transparent information when they embark on the journey of buying or selling a home.

What is the source of HDB resale transactions data?

We rely on the data published by CEA (Council of Estate Agencies) which provide information on HDB resale records handled by specific agents.

What are the sources of the listings data?

We collect publicly available listing records of individual agents across various online channels/portals/sources periodically.

How do you handle potential duplicate and dormant listings data?

We employ both rule-based as well as advanced machine learning techniques to remove potential duplicate listings across various sources for the same agent. We also create various filters to remove “outlier” listings (ie. listings with unreasonably cheap or expensive prices) as well as listings that are deemed to be dormant and no longer an accurate reflection of the agent’s listing record at specific time frames. Finally, we’ve also removed listings deemed to be “direct developer listings” (ie. listings for new launches).

Ultimately, we endeavor, as much as possible, to create a set of data that is reflective of the agent’s activity in the residential resale market.

Does Agents Search cover rental market?

Currently, our beta version doesn't include rental properties yet. However, we plan to launch a version which supports the rental market in the near future.

Does Agents Search cover landed properties?

Currently, our beta version doesn't support landed properties yet. However, we plan to launch a version which supports the landed market in the near future.