The Council of Estate Agencies (CEA) just launched the first phase of their Agents’ Transaction Record Initiative, which publishes the HDB transactions facilitated by property agents in 2017 and 2018 (presumably covering all 29k licensed agents as of Jan 2019).

We thought we’d take a quick dive into the data and see if there’re any interesting stories. Here’s what we discovered:

1 – Home sellers engage agents more often than home buyers

Possibly due to the widespread use of listing portals (catering primarily to home buyers)?

2 – Most home sellers still engage an agent rather than DIY

Roughly half of buyers choose to DIY while majority of sellers still choose to engage an agent

3 – Roughly 8,000 agents handle at least 1 HDB transaction in a year

There are 11,345 agents with at least 1 transaction in either or both 2017 & 2018 (ie. some agents only transacted in one of these 2 years)

4 – There is indeed a “Super Agent”

There’s a “Super Agent” (from ERA) who single-handedly transacted 251 times in 2018 (that’s roughly one transaction every 1.5 days!)

5 – Top 10% agents handled roughly half of all non-DIY transactions in 2018

The “Pareto Law” is well & alive in this set of agents’ transaction records.

6 – Top 2 agencies account for two-thirds of (non-DIY) HDB transactions market

7 – Top 2 agencies are not the most “productive agencies” though (measured by transactions per agents)

8 – Central Area is the most competitive town for active agents

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